Hey you! The douchebag attorney/compliance specialist with the newsletter or event to peddle. Stop saying that POPI is coming into effect/commencing/whatever early in whatever year/quarter/month/week you happen to find yourself in. That is the kind of lie that makes people hate us.

Let’s set the record straight. No-one knows when POPI will come into force. We will know when the Information Regulator makes a decision and publishes it (we will know before the publication). Even THEN companies have a year to comply. 

So stop trying to scare people into paying you for your advice. Not only is fear mongering the lowest form of marketing, it is also illegal to make false claims in order to sell a service. We will happily take you to the Advertising Regulatory Board to prove the point.

Also sick of lawyers? Here are our favourite lawyer jokes.

We will probably get a bit of advance notice before the effective date is announced. At the moment, the Regulator is playing her cards close to her chest about when the date may be. They are in the process of staffing their office. If you would like to keep up with what is going on, subscribe to our newsletter.
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