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How to write contracts that actually work

For a long time, users of legal services have been getting the short end of the stick, from incomprehensible contracts and confusing court procedures to the way law firms bill for their time. But the tide is turning, and lawyers who want to stay afloat have to start putting [...]

Not another POPIA white paper: 10 years, 10 lessons

It has been a decade since talk of the Protection of Personal Information Act started. Ten. Years. And finally we have an effective date. It is 1 July 2020. That’s right; it means that we have until 30 June 2021 to become compliant. We’ve been talking about it for [...]

How to start your POPIA compliance project during lockdown

It’s week 5 000 of the national lockdown, so we reckon everyone will appreciate a change of focus (since we can’t change the scenery). From what we can tell, most people’s pace during lockdown is either crazy-busy or bored-to-tears. So, for those of you leaning towards the bored spectrum, here [...]

Are you mature enough for POPIA?

Many of our projects begin with a similar story from new clients, ‘We made our first attempt to become POPIA compliant in 2015, but nothing changed. We asked ABC to help us in 2017 and we wrote 1000 policies and sent the whole company on training, but we are [...]

Life or privacy: do we really have to choose? A reading list.

My recent talk at the IAPP CapeTown/Johannesburg KnowledgeNet was around privacy, ethics and trust in the time of COVID-19. Here is some additional reading. 1. I feel like I am stuck in a movie ‘We're working very hard to find out where this virus came from. To treat it and [...]

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