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  • When POPIA applies to what we say…

    Is it open season for sharing personal information in conversation, or should we be vigilant about breaching POPIA? WHAT SECTION 3 SAYS To find out if POPIA applies to...

  • Telemarketing in South Africa: Navigating the POPIA landscape

    THE STIR Telemarketing in South Africa is under the microscope, and let's be real, we're all (at least a bit) tired of spammy calls and emails. Enter the Information Regulator (IR), with a...

  • CIPC’s breach: don’t get caught catnapping

    WHAT’S HAPPENING AT CIPC? If you’re a business-y person living in South Africa, you’ve probably heard about this. For those of you not clued up, there was a recent cybersecurity breach...

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