Compliance is an integral part of doing ethical business – not just a box to tick.

But often when a lawyer is asked to give advice on compliance they will produce a convoluted document detailing all the problems a particular piece of legislation cause – without providing advice on potential solutions.

It was time for a new approach

At Novation, we believe that compliance can change minds. Increase sales. Reduce complaints. Add value. We can help you do things right and grow your business. We try to think more like entrepreneurs and less like lawyers. What we do is not about paying lip service to compliance but marrying it with good and ethical business practices.

Simply put: compliance is a gain. Not a pain. Work with us and you’ll see why.

The people behind the vision

Novation Consulting was founded by Elizabeth de Stadler and Paul Esselaar in 2013. Under the brand of Esselaar Attorneys, we’ve been providing law services since 2011 but felt the need to create a new company that could turn compliance on its head, shake the nonsense out of its pockets and present it in a fresh and exciting way.

Yes, we have values.
Here they are:


You work directly with best in class –
no fobbing you off to juniors


Legalese is dead to us.
We speak human.


We always push the envelope.
Why? Because we can.

Leaders in our field

We are thought leaders on consumer and data protection law and information design.

Problem solving

We go beyond legal problems to help solve business problems.

Simplicity and clarity

No frills, no bull. You will never get branded mineral water or pens from us. We keep everything super easy to understand.