How to start your POPIA compliance project during lockdown

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It’s week 5 000 of the national lockdown, so we reckon everyone will appreciate a change of focus (since we can’t change the scenery). From what we can tell, most people’s pace during lockdown is either crazy-busy or bored-to-tears. So, for those of you leaning towards the bored spectrum, here [...]

POPIA is coming, look busy.

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Why the face? The Information Regulator asked the President to announce 1 April 2020 as the commencement date for the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). 1 April is also an auspicious date widely known as April Fools Day. It is lesser known as Sourdough Bread Day. On 1 April [...]

SA’s largest data breach & how you can protect your data

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It turns out SA’s largest recorded data breach was traced to a Web server registered to a real estate company based in Pretoria, Jigsaw Holdings. They are a holding company for several real estate franchises including Realty1, ERA and Aida. Apparently, this website had exceptionally lax security and contained a [...]

Get the right operator contracts in place in 6 simple steps

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In week 6 of our POPI DIY programme we look at what an operator is, and how to make sure you have the right operator contracts in place with yours. In terms of POPI an operator is a person or company who processes personal information on behalf of the responsible [...]

Unpacking the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill  

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South Africa has drafted (and redrafted) the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill. The Justice Portfolio Committee held hearings on this Bill last week, and I was there. If you’re interested in what the Bill means for SA, and how to keep up to date with the latest changes, the University of [...]

UK Data Protection Bill introduced 

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We unpack the new UK Data Protection Bill and how it relates to GDPR. On 13 September 2017, the UK Government introduced the new Data Protection Bill (the Bill) in the House of Lords. If enacted, the Bill will repeal and replace the existing Data Protection Act 1998 and supplement [...]

6 Steps to build your Business Continuity Program (BCP)

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I might be slightly obsessed with Billions, the series. It is riddled with quotable quotes. My personal favourite? “It’s like Highlander: there can be only one” - Bobby Axelrod. Despite my inherent dislike of Axe, I can’t help but respect his business acumen. In S2. Ep5 he shares this pearl [...]

State of the Privacy Shield

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The EU-US Privacy Shield is a data transfer framework which provides for the transfer of personal data of EU citizens to the US for processing without the risk of breaching fundamental European privacy rights. The framework was agreed in February 2016 and opened for sign-up in August. More than 2000 [...]

Edcon found guilty of unlawful charges

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The National Consumer Tribunal has released a finding which - essentially - finds that Edcon has been unlawfully charging its customers a fee to belong to its club. This finding is very significant for Edcon who faces the possibility of having to refund customers to the tune of several billion [...]

You have a data breach…now what?

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Data breaches are almost inevitable. So, in addition to working towards preventing data breaches, you should be asking yourself whether your business is ready to respond quickly and effectively when the pawpaw (or POPIA) strikes the fan. When you look at data breaches around the world, businesses often get into [...]

No-one knows when POPI is coming (but they sure like to pretend that they do)

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Hey you! The douchebag attorney/compliance specialist with the newsletter or event to peddle. Stop saying that POPI is coming into effect/commencing/whatever early in whatever year/quarter/month/week you happen to find yourself in. That is the kind of lie that makes people hate us. Let's set the record straight. No-one knows when POPI [...]


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