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1. Who we are

We are Novation Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a legal and compliance consultancy based in Cape Town, registered in South Africa with registration number 2013/044812/07. 

You can contact us at

2. Using this website

You are welcome to use our website for your personal and non-commercial use, but please stick to these rules:

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3. This is our intellectual property

We own everything on our website; every word, file, and picture – the whole shebang. We are generally happy for people to share and link to our website, but if you would like to use our content for commercial purposes, please ask our permission first.

4. This website is not a robo-lawyer

Our legal advice is carefully tailored to the specific context and requirements of each client. The insights and content on this website may not be appropriate for your situation, and we cannot be held responsible if you rely on the information and the @#$%& hits the fan. It’s better to call us for tailored advice.

5. Links to third-party websites

We will sometimes link to other websites. While we do our best to ensure the websites we link to are of a high standard, we cannot accept responsibility for the security, quality, or reliability of third-party websites, so please be careful out there!

6. Your personal information

Please read our privacy notice for information about why and how we collect and use personal information. Spoiler alert, we use it to do what you ask us to do – like send you a newsletter and respond to your messages.