It drives us nuts when people don’t say who they are! You will find our company details on our terms and conditions page.

Our privacy notice is really short, because our web site collects very little personal information (= PI).

After all – if we collected more, we’d have to protect more!

What information we have about you:

The short answer is: NOT MUCH.

We will have your PI if you

  • Contact us (so that we can help you); or
  • If you ask us to send you our newsletter.

Even if you do our POPI questionnaire we will not know who you are or collect your PI (unless you give it to us – it is optional). We won’t have any PI about you if all you have done is looked around on our website.

If you’re not our (potential) client and you don’t want our newsletter, then we don’t need your PI.

What we do with it:

  • SELL IT!! (Just kidding) We keep your PI confidential. We only share it with our service providers (like Mailchimp who sends our newsletter) and then only if they have agreed to protect it.
  • We send you our newsletter and later on we need PI about our clients to provide our services and to make sure that we can get in touch with them (and they with us).
  • We may need to update your PI from time to time. Please bear with us. Better information quality protects both of us.
  • Like most companies we use cloud storage which means that some of your PI might be going to the US. While they undertake to keep information confidential (we read their privacy notices), the US government has more access than we would have liked.

What we DON’T do with it:

  • We won’t sell it or give it away.
  • We won’t use it for a purpose that you were not aware of. No surprises!
  • We don’t keep it longer than we need to (but remember that we focus on legal compliance so by default we keep it for 5 years).

What happens if you don’t want us to have your PI or if you want us to stop sending our newsletter?

  • YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO ASK US TO STOP SENDING YOU OUR NEWSLETTER (TO UNSUBSCRIBE) AND WE WILL RESPECT THAT RIGHT. (Send that request by email to Paul / Elizabeth / Ilze by email please).
  • You can also ask us to delete any information we have about you but we might refuse if we need your personal information to protect our  rights, or if a law forces us to keep it. If we refuse to delete your personal information we’ll let you know that we haven’t deleted it and explain why we need to keep it.

What happens if we have a security breach?

It’s fairly simple:

  • We analyse where the security breach was,
  • Make sure that the breach cannot happen again, and
  • We let you know our security was breached and suggest ways to make sure that you don’t suffer any damage as a result of the security breach.

You may always ask us if we have
your personal information

and what we have done with it.