Okay, maybe it’s not MC-Hammer-pants-level exciting, but we’ll be damned if we aren’t going to make it fun!

If you feel like you need a refresher – or perhaps a fresh perspective? – on POPIA, join us for our crash course on 8 June and 9 June 2022. (Here’s the crash course brochure.) This session will also be handy for anyone who needs to tick the ol’ ‘training’ box on the POPIA checklist. Interested? Register here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more meaty and focused, we’re also running 10 master classes on everything from policies to what to do when the shit hits the fan. You can attend one or all 10 – whatever floats your POPIA boat. (Here’s the masterclass brochure.) The first Masterclass is on 10 June 2022. You can register here.

And if you want to train your whole company to be POPIA masters, let us know – we’ll customise the courses like there’s no tomorrow!

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