30 June 2021. Unless this is your birthday, this date probably fills most of you with some trepidation. No need – let’s turn the anxiety into excitement that POPIA is finally here (after TEN. YEARS). If you still feel like you’re lagging behind, stop panicking and be cool. Get your head out of your ass and see the bigger picture. We’re here to help!

Now’s the time to prioritise, start having conversations and build relationships. Better still, why not sign up to learn some tricks of the trade from the pros? Together with the Compliance Institute of South Africa, we will be sharing a collection of lessons we have learnt over the years – mostly from seeing why so many POPIA programmes fail.

Choose from a 7.5-hour crash course (over 3 sessions) or a series of master classes, presented over three months. It’s summarised in this brochure. But if it’s a bit TLDR, here’s how to decide which one is for you.

Nee a refresher? 3 x 2.5-hour sessions

Sharing learnings from our whitepaper 10 lessons, 10 years, this crash course will be spread across three webinars. We will tell you:

  • Which POPIA parts to be scared of, and which parts to calm down about
  • The 10 most important tasks to do
  • The responsibilities of the information officer (and how not to get fired when there is a data breach)
  • The booby traps to avoid as you try to get your organisation compliant.

Sounds good? Book now.

Dig a little deeper (get a whopping 30+ hours of expert training)

The carrot we are dangling at the end of this 3-month course is the implementation of your very own POPIA programme. Guided by experts like Elizabeth de Stadler, Celeste Schlebusch and many other guest speakers, you will be given templates, tools and tricks along the way.

Get over 30 hours with the people who live and breathe POPIA as we cover how to:

  • Assess the impact of POPIA on your organisation
  • Create a (POPIA) compliance framework
  • Do personal information impact assessments
  • Assess forms and write privacy notices
  • Perform third party risk management
  • Manage security incidents

Besides all the super practical tools you’ll receive, this is a unique chance to make connections with people who are in the same POPIA boat and ask all your burning questions to the experts who have seen it all (or most of it at least) on POPIA at your organisation.

This is not your normal boring POPIA course ­– get unmissable no-BS advice and fast-tracked personal development served with a side of laughs.

Sounds good? We thought so. Book now.

If you can’t wait and need some guidance right now, feel free to get in touch with us.

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