Well, 2018 was one crazy year. Data breaches, dramatic court hearings, lethal deli meats, controversial statements by a leader with freakishly small hands… and that was just at Novation.

But seriously, the past twelve months have been the most exciting in our business to date. “Growth” does not begin to explain what we’ve experienced. We are exhausted but so incredibly pleased. We are also incredibly grateful to (and for) everyone that came on this journey with us: our awesome clients, our partners (Hey Plain Jane and Esselaar Attorneys), our spouses and children, the winemakers of the Western Cape, and the guys who keep airplanes in the air. Without you 2018 would not have been possible.

We are looking forward to a magnificent 2019. For starters, we have two new team members – welcome Ann and Cobus! If you haven’t yet, you will meet them soon. We think they’re pretty neat. They love reading as much as we do, but we still have some work to do on the Lego front. Come the new year, we’ll be launching a revolutionary new product called POPIA DIY, and Hey Plain Jane’s website.  We’ll build our first bot and kick off year one of our new five-year plan. If you want to know what that’s about, you’ll need to buy us a drink first.

For now, though, a well-deserved break. We will be closing the office from 21 December to 7 January 2019. If you experience any of the (un)natural disasters in paragraph one, give us a call.

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