With the 25 May 2018 implimentation date for the EU GDPR creeping closer, there is a lot of information flying around. So much, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. So we thought we would make a list of our favourite (free) EU GDPR resources.

The United Kingdom Information Commissioner’s Office

There is a reason why the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office is our favourite regulator. Here is their comprehensive guide to the GDPR https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/

The International Association of Privacy Practitioners

The International Association of Privacy Practitioners makes a staggering amount of information available for free. We would recommend subscribing to their newsletter. Here are their Top 10 operational impacts of the GDPR https://iapp.org/resources/article/top-10-operational-impacts-of-the-gdpr/

The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party

Weird name. The Working Party is an advisory body made up of representatives from the data protection authorities of every member of the European Union. They have published guidelines on consent, transparency, data breach notification, automated decision-making, profiling and data protection impact assessments. All of the guidelines can be found here http://ec.europa.eu/newsroom/just/item-detail.cfm?item_id=50083

White & Case

They have published the fabulous GDPR Handbook: Unlocking the EU General Data Protection Regulation https://www.whitecase.com/publications/article/gdpr-handbook-unlocking-eu-general-data-protection-regulation) It is not only handy, but also beautifully designed. Oh, and they will mail it to you halfway across the world!

In case you are wondering whether the GDPR applies to South African organisations, here is our white paper on the topic.