Have you been screwed over by a supplier? Here is what you do.

#1: Don’t hire a lawyer just yet
Your first step should be to lay a formal complaint with the supplier or manufacturer. Be polite. It is human nature to shy away from difficult conversation. Don’t be a difficult conversation – they will make you wait.
We like complaining via twitter. It is mean, but effective.

#2: Who you gonna call?
So, the supplier is ignoring you, telling you to go…(you won’t believe the type of claim rejection letters we see). Your next step is to call an ombud. Weird word.*
If your complaint relates to a credit agreement, call MIOSA.
If it is a case of misleading marketing, call the ASASA.
Issues with a credit agreement? Call the NCR.
Crap just broke (or pretty much anything else)? Call the CGSO. We are BIG fans.
Follow their processes.

#3: Still nothing…now call an attorney
Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Don’t throw good money after bad. Ask the attorney how much what is going to cost. Also don’t forget that it will take your time and energy too.  Because, let’s face it, many attorneys will happily take your good money. But sometimes a letter of demand will do the trick.

#4: Get it all in writing
Make sure that you have everything in writing from the get go. Every single exchange. If something is said over the phone, follow up with an e-mail.

*The word ‘ombudsman’ is a Scandinavian term and it dates back to the 1300’s (although the first ombuds were found in China as early as 200 BC). If the word is so old, why is the word still not recognised by my spellcheck. What’s up with that?