So, the Information Regulator and the Department of Justice has asked everyone to stop calling the Protection of Personal Information Act ‘POPI’, but ‘POPIA’. Of course, it only took about 5 seconds for the loons in my office to start calling it ‘PAPAYA’.
So no more ‘no, POPI is not a flower’, but rather ‘no, POPIA is not a fruit’. But seriously, what is in a name? Initially people were confusing POPI and POSI (Protection of State Information Bill) – the flower theme was going strong that year.
At this point, I was going to write something about ‘lowest hanging fruit’, but that would earn me R50 in our ‘Jargon Jar’. Instead, if you have a minute and also hate jargon, take a look at for hi-la-ri-ous jargon translations.
Wondering what is going on with POPI or POPIA or whatever. We wrote something about yesterday’s press conference with the Information Regulator. What are the lowest hanging fruit (I am now using it ironically)? Here is our POPI top 5.
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