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  • Ever wonder how Elizabeth became a plain language lawyer? It’s utterly random.

    I always marvel at how utterly random life is. Here is the answer to the question ‘How did you become a plain language lawyer?’ The utter randomness 🎈My father is a lexicographer...

  • Library of old stuff

    Nothing new under the sun (and legal design is no different)

    If you think legal design and human-centred law is a modern innovation, think again. In his keynote opening at the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki, Marco Imperiale took us back to the...

  • Llama ponders the risks of AI and privacy regulation

    When AI and privacy governance collide

    Lately, you can’t swing a cat without hitting an article or post about AI (especially those posts where someone asked ChatGPT to write a letter/poem/limerick in the style of x). Snooze fest,...

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