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Policies that people want to read and follow

If it’s not read, it’s dead

We *heart* policies that are colourful, easy to read, and accessible. What’s the point of shelling out a fortune on policies only to have them gather dust? Good, value-led policies can save a business energy, time, and money; improve efficiency; establish your culture; and protect everybody.


  • Our risk-based analysis will look at how your business runs, your compliance culture, your existing policies, and the gaps that can be filled with better policies.
  • We help you assign clear roles, responsibilities and reporting structures. No misunderstandings.
  • We help you set out clear rules and standards that will easily spot and sort out violations, leaving nothing open to interpretation.
  • We coach you on why a policy matters to your mission, customers, employees, board and society at large. We involve people in the change and show how it will benefit them.
  • We help you write short, clear policies so everyone understands what happens – to them and the company – if they don’t follow the rules.
  • We help you design the processes, put infrastructure in place, and empower your people to implement your shiny new policy.
  • We help you monitor and measure compliance, and plan what to do if it’s not happening.
If it's not read, it's dead

Want to create your own page-turner policies?


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