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POPIA compliance and data protection

Kickstart your POPIA project

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.” – General Paul McNulty, former US Deputy Attorney General

The first step towards POPIA success is to take it beyond ticking boxes. Instead, we help you build a sustainable programme that is all about doing better business – making you more agile and more attractive to investors.


  • We help you get buy-in from the top to see POPIA as a gain, not a pain. If you can’t convince your board that privacy is essential, it isn’t.
  • Map the stakeholders. We find the decision makers, those who will be affected, and those whose input and support you’ll need to make it all happen.
  • We define roles and responsibilities. POPIA is a team sport.
  • We help create policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for what the organisation is going to do – and how.
  • We help you implement policy (no, this doesn’t mean ‘email it to everybody’), making sure everyone follows it and understands what happens if they don’t.
  • We help you figure out how to measure your compliance. This is the gap you should be minding. Your monitoring and auditing should bring about meaningful improvement – the hallmark of a sustainable POPIA programme.
  • We help you prepare and support your team through these changes.

Invite us to talk to your team about kickstarting your own POPIA project.


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