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Building customer trust

T&Cs people actually want to read

We do ‘legal comms’ minus the legalese, from terms and conditions, application forms and privacy notices to consents and disclaimers, instruction manuals, warnings and more.


  • First we get to know your organisation: your products and services, your customers’ behaviour and needs, your processes, legal landscape and marketing strategy.
  • We define the goal of your documents – what do you want your customer to know, do, think and feel once they have read the terms? We also do a legal risk assessment to make sure your arse is covered.
  • We take a long, hard look at how you get your customer to agree. How can you make it easier with technology, video, images, infographics or flow diagrams?
  • We test and test (and test again) on real humans to see if they can use the documents correctly with no hand holding. We tweak until it’s intuitive and beautiful.
    Finally, we teach you how to fish. Training and personal development are central to our philosophy.

Want some more aha moments for your legal documents?


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