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Commercial contracts that work

Smarter B2B contract management, less risk

We help you create contracts that people are happy to sign. We make sure whoever reads it can easily find what they need, and understand it the first time around. If the reader is bamboozled, we call BS. Commercial contracts should build relationships based on trust, understanding, and a little tenderness.


  • We go deeper to understand your strategies for contract management and risk management. Who are you, what do you do, who do you contract with, what makes your business float, and what can sink you?
  • We identify your key contracts and look at those processes. Who’s responsible for what, how can we make it smoother, how can we bring in tech or automate?
  • We help create your contract playbook of rules, templates, scenarios and solutions.
  • We train and rehabilitate your lawyers.

Let’s work together!


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