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Kickass compliance officers and lawyers

Let’s make compliance great again

“Compliance is like a colonoscopy: People may need it, but they don’t want it, they don’t like it and they certainly don’t want to talk about it. (And they absolutely don’t want any more than is necessary).” – Sean Graham


  • We look closely at your structures and culture to find your stumbling blocks.
  • We diagnose why people in your business respond to change the way they do. How do people feel interacting with your GRC and legal department? Is your legal/compliance strategy aligned with that of the business?
  • We focus on communication skills. Do people actually read what you write? Do you speak like a normal person or do you “revert”?
  • We help you streamline your processes, define roles and responsibilities, and show you how best to share this with the rest of the business.
  • We compile a compliance action plan, which covers the why, who, what and when. Often, this means extra coaching and training to help shape a new compliance culture.
  • Using a design-thinking approach, we help you create more interesting and useful ways to communicate your policies.
Do you need a complianoscopy?

Want to make compliance great in your business?


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