For the love of


We believe that all company documents should represent the company brand – even the legal docs. So, when we design our own documents, we want them to embody #funlaw. Our documents might seem silly, but we take the use of humour in legal services very seriously and approach it scientifically.

We are dedicated to incorporating humour into the law as much as possible, to the point where we even went so far as to develop a levity design pattern for the WCC Design Pattern Library.

I am thoroughly enjoying your innovative way of simplifying law jargon and presenting your documents in an attractive format. So I am reading everything, even the footers, to learn from you guys.

How we put the ‘fun’ in #funlaw

Using icons

can help readers spot important information quickly, and they can be funny.

Adding something unexpected,

like a pop culture reference or a song lyric, that ties in with what you’re writing about and makes the reader laugh.

Being human

doesn’t have to mean being informal or irreverent, although we like both of those things. It can mean being warm, sincere, or empathetic.


There can be only one. Kidding. This brand of humour is not appropriate for all brands. If you’re ready to create legal documents that accurately reflect who you are and what you stand for, get in touch. We can help.