Plain language forms, contracts and policies

Are your lawyers still not writing in plain language?

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Nearly a decade into having some of the best plain language legislation in the world, why are we not seeing more comprehensible contracts? Why aren't we seeing more of an effort from companies and their lawyers to improve consumers’ access to information? We’ve worked with many different companies – from [...]

What we’re up to: Plain Language Policies

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Over the last few months we’ve increasingly been working on redrafting all different types of policies for various different clients. From HR policies to information governance policies. It may seem like a tedious job, but we love it because it gives us the opportunity to correct those things that are [...]

Better forms build better relationships and better data

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Good form design can change everything! Many consumer contracts reach consumers as part of an application form. While most attorneys will not consider the form as part of the contract, it often is. After all, the form describes the product and price – the essential terms in a contract of [...]

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