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How to start your POPIA compliance project during lockdown

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It’s week 5 000 of the national lockdown, so we reckon everyone will appreciate a change of focus (since we can’t change the scenery). From what we can tell, most people’s pace during lockdown is either crazy-busy or bored-to-tears. So, for those of you leaning towards the bored spectrum, here [...]

Hacking data breaches: We need a new breed of compliance officer

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R58.4 million. This is the average cost of a data breach today according to IBM. It is no surprise then that cyber resilience is top of mind for CEOs the world over. But what does this mean for compliance officers? What should we be doing to address data breaches? And [...]

Direct marketing and the dreaded consent

2019-05-31T07:03:16+02:00By |Categories: Compliance and risk management, POPIA|Tags: , , , |

Everywhere we go, we are asked the same questions. Do we really have to use the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad form 4, to get consent for direct marketing when the POPIA comes into effect? And do we then really have to get consent again from our current database? To answer [...]

Compliance & Legal consultant

2020-04-28T10:33:58+02:00By |Categories: Compliance and risk management, POPIA|

Novation Consulting is bursting at the seams with work. We need a top performing, creative mind, who knows compliance, risk management, and legal stuff. This is an opportunity to escape the chains of corporate life, to throw away your office shoes, and to do things slightly, okay a lot, differently. [...]

Crying over spilled data. Greenwich University and the GDPR.

2018-06-20T13:56:32+02:00By |Categories: Compliance and risk management, POPIA|Tags: |

The University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom was recently fined £120 000 by their Information Regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can read the full decision here. Why do we care? We care because South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is very similar to the General Data [...]

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