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We love training. Training is where we live.

Why? Because, done right, training and awareness solutions can truly address risk and change behaviour for good. We’re not talking boring training either. We do e-learning, workshops, newsletters, videos, posters or whatever it takes to get your message across.

Training and awareness

At Novation, we focus on what your audience needs to know – nothing more, nothing less. We have a wealth of experience in training businesses, their staff and consumers on regulatory compliance. Clients receive tailor-made training according to their unique needs.

Training can take the following forms:

  • Workshops: We have extensive experience in developing and facilitating workshops on a wide range of topics relating to regulatory compliance, consumer protection and the protection of personal information. We create tailor-made training matched to your unique needs.
  • Online training: We have collaborated with Compliance Online to develop an online training programme on the Protection of Personal Information Act. The programme is designed to train staff in large numbers and to ensure that management is provided with progress reports. This training can be customised and branded just for you. There are also programmes available on the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act, Social Media in the workplace, and the Competition Act. The great thing about this web-based platform is that it can be used for any training.
  • Websites: We create websites to support staff in compliance-related matters. These sites also provide training on how to draft consumer-facing documents such as simple agreements, terms and conditions and marketing materials, and how to effectively manage complaints. We do everything from writing copy and designing the website to coding.
  • Gamification: Coming up with games that your employees or customers can play that will make learning fun.
  • Awareness strategies for consumers: We can help you create a communication strategy to educate your customers on compliance-related matters. Posters, email campaigns, videos, stickers, brochures – whatever works best to tell people more about how you capture and store their data, why you use cookies on your website, or whatever the case may be.

Here here is a taste of what’s on offer:

  • Security poster
  • PI not for sale poster
  • Introducing POPI poster
  • Be careful what you share condom dispenser decal
  • POPI training: Shreddy Kruger thinks you need it
  • POPI Squad | POPI or die
  • Shred it don't spread it

If you want to relook your training programmes or raise awareness on your compliance efforts, then get in touch.


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