USA's long arm of the law just got cut off

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The United State's Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has refused to re-hear the case between Microsoft and Department of Justice, effectively resulting in it being impossible for a United States court to issue a warrant to seize or get access to emails stored outside of the United States. This is a [...]

Cybercrimes bill published

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An updated version of the Cybercrimes Bill has been published by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. This legislation aims to bridge the gap in South African legislation which has emerged as technology has evolved. On a conceptual level that is a good idea, but there is a great [...]

Cybersecurity Bill approved by Cabinet

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South Africa's cabinet has approved the Cybersecurity Bill. If the Bill becomes an Act there will be very definite changes to the legal landscape for all businesses - partly because the cybersecurity bill is a very wide (in other words 'over-broad') and introduces a whole raft of new criminal penalties. [...]

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