The C-word

2018-09-17T11:19:31+02:00By |Categories: POPIA|

Here at Novcon using the word ‘consent’ is pretty much like telling us you do not like our Lego ... yes, we take offence! So, we have dubbed consent the c-word, mostly because it is misunderstood and abused so often. Here’s why. Whenever someone asks me for my consent I [...]

Compliance & Legal consultant

2020-04-28T10:33:58+02:00By |Categories: Compliance and risk management, POPIA|

Novation Consulting is bursting at the seams with work. We need a top performing, creative mind, who knows compliance, risk management, and legal stuff. This is an opportunity to escape the chains of corporate life, to throw away your office shoes, and to do things slightly, okay a lot, differently. [...]

Crying over spilled data. Greenwich University and the GDPR.

2018-06-20T13:56:32+02:00By |Categories: Compliance and risk management, POPIA|Tags: |

The University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom was recently fined £120 000 by their Information Regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can read the full decision here. Why do we care? We care because South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is very similar to the General Data [...]

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