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Compliance can be a complex beast – especially if you don’t have an in-house legal team or a dedicated compliance officer.

Perhaps you are a business owner with no clue where to begin (by the way, we have a whole page just for you). Some of us have been in-house lawyers in the past, so we know how strapped for time you are trying to get everything done.

Compliance and risk management

Novation is the cost effective alternative to having an expensive in-house legal team. Some clients call us their ‘out-house’ lawyers. We consult on compliance projects of all shapes and sizes. We protect businesses by being their compliance eyes and ears, empowering them to cleverly manage their risk and be more efficient.

We don’t do compliance for compliance’s sake. We take a holistic view from gap assessments and developing compliance and risk management plans to implementing those plans and designing kick-ass training that changes minds.

You won’t get any useless reports and opinions from us. We think like entrepreneurs first, lawyers second.

Want to do compliance differently? Then get in touch.


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