POPIA is coming, look busy.

2020-02-25T17:21:52+00:00By |News, POPIA|

Why the face? The Information Regulator asked the President to announce 1 April 2020 as the commencement date for the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). 1 April is also an auspicious date widely known as April Fools Day. It is lesser known as Sourdough Bread Day. On 1 April [...]

Ethics and data protection in AI

2018-11-20T13:42:35+00:00By |POPIA|

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) it’s not difficult to see that we find ourselves in a time of great significance. Not only has AI magnificent potential, it is also progressing at a terrifying rate. And although we may not be the first to notice the potential of AI, [...]

The C-word

2018-09-17T11:19:31+00:00By |POPIA|

Here at Novcon using the word ‘consent’ is pretty much like telling us you do not like our Lego ... yes, we take offence! So, we have dubbed consent the c-word, mostly because it is misunderstood and abused so often. Here’s why. Whenever someone asks me for my consent I [...]