Thalia Kritzas

About Thalia Kritzas

Thalia is the social flamingo* of the company. She’s an admitted attorney specialising in privacy law, media law and all things social media. She’s proven invaluable when it comes to training development and research. Thalia has a knack for understanding clients’ needs and translating legal advice into human. When she’s not doing handstands in the office, she’s skipping on the promenade or doing a bit of Greek dancing in her spare time. She also gets excited about all the things. All the time. There is nothing she doesn’t like. But she is young, so give it time. *A creepy guy at the airport asked her whether she’s a dancer, ‘because she has a very long neck’. Her reply: No. I’m a flamingo’.

The C-word

2018-09-17T11:19:31+00:00By |POPIA|

Here at Novcon using the word ‘consent’ is pretty much like telling us you do not like our Lego ... yes, we take offence! So, we have dubbed consent the c-word, mostly because it is misunderstood and abused so often. Here’s why. Whenever someone asks me for my consent I [...]