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Elizabeth specialises in all things compliance and risk management, plain language drafting and designing, and training. She prides herself on being slightly out there and bringing a fresh perspective to compliance issues. She happens to have a Masters (cum laude) in Consumer Law. She is the editor of the Consumer Law Review (you can get it here for free!) and wrote A Guide to the Protection of Personal Information Act with Paul. She is also the author of Consumer Law Unlocked, a co-author of the hefty Commentary to the Consumer Protection Act and wrote chapters on the Consumer Protection Act in The Law of Contract in South Africa and The Law of Commerce in South Africa. She is currently working with Liezl van Zyl on Plain Language Legal Drafting, which will be published in 2020. Elizabeth loves Lego, sneakers, zombies and white wine. What does she hate? Comic sans, sweet potato and most other attorneys. She is allergic to suits and ‘office shoes’ because of the years she worked at Webber Wentzel. She is very scared of moths. It is a thing – read about it.

POPI or PawPaw? Who cares.

2018-03-15T10:31:17+00:00By |POPIA|

So, the Information Regulator and the Department of Justice has asked everyone to stop calling the Protection of Personal Information Act 'POPI', but 'POPIA'. Of course, it only took about 5 seconds for the loons in my office to start calling it 'PAPAYA'. So no more 'no, POPI is not [...]