Novation Consulting is bursting at the seams with work and we really need somebody awesome to manage our office. You will do a bit of admin management, some project management, and lots of generally organising stuff.

We think this is a part-time role, but then again, what do we know about office management?  That’s exactly why we need you.

This is what Novation does:

  • Plain language forms, contracts, and policies: We create page-turner policies, clear contracts, and user-friendly forms.
  • Compliance and risk management: We do not believe in compliance for compliance’s sake. We believe that compliance policies and procedures should always enhance a business’s ability to fulfil its strategic objectives.
  • Managing change: We believe that compliance is ultimately about influencing human behaviour. Done right, training, and awareness solutions can truly address risk and change behaviour for good. We do e-learning, workshops, newsletters, videos, posters, or whatever it takes to get our message across.
  • Information governance: We help companies improve their information governance strategies. We advise on how information is managed and how to comply with privacy legislation in a way that saves money, increases productivity, and leads to better decision-making.

For more information about us, browse our website.

  1. What will you be doing?

We need somebody who is able to wrangle a small team of misfits into some semblance of order.

What you will be doing will depend a little on your background. This is what needs doing:

  • Supporting our senior consultants on big compliance and risk management projects, including project management and administration
  • Managing our marketing content development schedule
  • Administration of our website
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Co-ordinating appointments and meetings; managing our individual diaries and the team resourcing plan
  • Booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, and generally making sure we get to where we need to go
  • Administration of the office, such as buying office supplies and equipment, printing, and sending telegrams (not really, just feeding our carrier pigeon, Norman)
  • Taking intelligent notes during team meetings
  • Managing tender documentation
  • Organising events and socials
  1. What are we looking for?

These things are a must:

  • Office management experience
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Tech savvy (i.e. using project management tools and the standard MS Office applications)
  • Creative thinking and a curious mind
  • Being a people person
  • A sense of humour
  • A thick skin

These things will be a bonus:

  • Experience working in a law firm or compliance team
  • A qualification or experience in project management
  • A proven love of Lego, Harry Potter, or Star Wars
  1. What do we expect from our people?

We expect our employees to

  • fit in with our values. Here you can go and have a look at what they are.
  • be pragmatic. Common sense and practical solutions are a must.
  • work independently. We don’t micromanage. You will have the freedom to manage your own time and to decide how to get the job done.
  • work hard and set aggressive goals.
  • be flexible. This is often not an eight to five job.
  • get along with each other. We embrace quirkiness and fly our freak flags proudly.
  1. What is in it for you?

The usual stuff and then some:

  • We are a start-up company and are growing fast. There will be a lot of opportunities for you to grow with us.
  • Flexible working hours and leave if you show us that you can get the job done.
  1. How do you apply?

Please note: this position is based in Cape Town. Send your CV and the world’s best cover letter by 13 September 2019 to

There will be bonus points if you don’t bore us to tears. We also like videos.