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Nothing new under the sun (and legal design is no different)

If you think legal design and human-centred law is a modern innovation, think again. In his keynote opening at the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki, Marco Imperiale took us back to the Byzantine era. And now I can’t stop thinking about the Codex Justinianus. Thanks, Marco. Could legal design [...]

When AI and privacy governance collide

Lately, you can’t swing a cat without hitting an article or post about AI (especially those posts where someone asked ChatGPT to write a letter/poem/limerick in the style of x). Snooze fest, right? Nevertheless, AI is here to stay; and it’s here to use our personal data to learn [...]

Billables & Burnout

Most legal businesses still run on the billable-hour business model. Here are five reasons why this approach has passed its sell-by date. 1. TAKING CARE OF YOUR ASSETS There are many ways to skin a cat, figuratively speaking, of course. There’s no one size fits all when it comes [...]

Making the case for legal design

You know when you’ve been merrily doing a particular thing for years and then an influencer gives it a new name, brings it into popular consciousness and suddenly it’s trendy? (Not wearing make-up, being a ‘girl boss’, running in the rain or … going for a walk?) That seems [...]

The Rehabilitated Lawyer: Join us online!

Are you a sad lawyer? Hello, hi. *Hug* You’re not alone. The statistics are staggering: lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to be depressed compared to people in other jobs, while the landmark 2016 American Bar Association and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study found that 28% of licensed, employed [...]

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